Typing Hero Free Text Expander App

Hello friends today I will tell you secret word text expander app in which you can write long term tax in one secret letter with the help of this application you can save your time by extending text in secret words you can put any words long term keyword in this application and the secret world you will type behind this long-term keyword will automatically type you will not have to retype again for example if someone ask your address and you have to write so instead of that you will have to write a d that secret world and the Apple automatically show your address.

Imagine how many hours you can save by using Typing Hero to write other lengthy text! Say goodbye 👋 to boring 😒 and time-wasting ⏳ habit of typing, and boost your productivity with Typing Hero.

👌 zadr for home address
👌 zmail for email address
👌 zbankacc for bank account number
👌 zphone for phone number
👌 zgm for Good morning!
👌 zgn for Good night!


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