Text Generator Apk Fun With Stylish Emoji’s Words

Fun With Emojis, Font Style, Repeated Text, Cool Text, Symbols – Play With It 😉

In this app you have four options for texts
1) Emoji Letters (😊 Create GIF Animations)
2) Text Style
3) Text Repeater
4) Blank Text

1) Emoji Letters
Write letters in the text box and then choose emoji from the collection that exists for Android.
You can also copy the desired emoji from WhatsApp and paste here.
You can share the message either as text or as an image or just copy it.
Text & Image is available in vertical orientation and in horizontal Image is only available.

2) Text Style
Write letters in the text box and it converts to unique and beautiful text styles.
Quick Share/Send/Copy to other applications.

3) Text Repeater
Write letters in the text box and the same message appear multiple times.
You can set your repetition limit with new line text repetition.
Using this app you can also make repeated letters using alphabet and emoji characters.
Whole repeat message you can copy and paste.
Adjust repeated text as per your requirement.
Add horizontal, vertical space or add new line in repeating text

4) Blank Text
This app makes it possible to send empty messages.
You can send just single characters or whole rows of empty text in your blank message.
You can choose the number of characters or rows to be sent.
You can also just copy the empty text into your clipboard, so that you can put it in your WhatsApp status or post it in other Social Networks.

🌟 All advantages at a glance 🌟
😊 Create GIF Animations
😊 Easy to use
😊 Easy to share
😍 Customizable text
😍 Copy to clipboard
😎 Four options in One
😎 Confused friends guaranteed 😉


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