Background video Recording Android | Best Secret Video Recorder App

Record video secretly while keep use other apps. Its hidden and tricky recorder

SVR tool is amazing Secret video recorder tool and it is a powerful video recorder tool.
SVR tool start Secret video recorder on single click.
SVR is free application. it is one of the best part of it.
SVR is one of the best background recording tool in android.
SVR application you can change camera settings. you can choose front camera or back camera for Secret video recorder.
In SVR tool you can easily schedule Secret video recording time.
SVR provide you to change Secret recording time limitation you can enjoy it in free of cost.
SVR also provide to set your recording file location. In that you can see your recorded video.
SVR is very user friendly application.
SVR works in hidden background so video record will not show on screen but it records video in spy way.
This application can be use for different purposes. For example you can make videos for investigation e.g. Is Bbabysitters taking care of your children well or not at home. You can make videos of any theft as a proof. Similarly you can use this app to make videos for any such purpose

SVR tool Features

+ Easy way to start Background video recording!
+ Recording without Shutter Sounds.
+ Recording will continue on LockScreen, Playing Music ,Playing Video etc.
+ You can choose camera for background video recording.
+ Option to change the Video Folder.
+ It allows you to schedule background video recording.
+ Option to change the Video Camera.
+ Option to change the Video Time.
+ SVR allows you to set background video recording time.
+ Very much user friendly UI.
+ Option to view the videos.
+ Supports front and back camera.
+ SVR app supports in 11200 mobile device! Isn’t it a huge number?
+ SVR works like charm.
+ Easy to setup duration, camera, video and schedule recording.
+ Unlimited number video recording.
+ No camera shutter sound.
+ No preview.
+ Easy to open folder containing recorded videos.

Uses of this Application

★ For Security purpose
★ Thief Video Recording
★ As a CCTV Video Camera
★ High Professional Hidden secret video recorder
★ Car Dashboard Camera Recorder

One of the most important features of this app is that the app is totally free on Google Play store. You don’t have to pay anything to download it.
The app is working very fine in maximum devices, you will use it again and again due to its quality.


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