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Sms forward is an Android application which is used to forward SMS messages remotely from one phone to another for example if I want to forward incoming SMS of my mobile on number to another number just put that number in sms forward application and all SMS which are coming on my number will forward to that number

Main Features:

Forward SMS messages.

Send SMS remotely by sending commands(SMS) from another phone(see help for more detail).

Low battery warning

keyword filter to block SMS messages. (API 26+)

Forward to Email (API 26+) (beta)

about permission

To forward by SMS, internet connection is not required, there will be SMS fee charge by telecom operators.

To forward by Email, you need internet connection

About Privacy

This App does not collect or upload any personal information, if at all.

Theoretically all personal information are encrypted locally, but I do recommend to use a new account for SMTP setting.

About forward by Email (beta)

This feature is still under developing. When I test it, it failed by using Gmail smtp server, but succeed in other two Email servers providers. I suppose the reason would be peculiar internet condition of mine (live in China). I do hope to get feedback from you guys.

It is said you should Two-factor authentication if you want Gmail smtp server.

When using email forward, you can specify the “Custom command phone” to achieve remote control feature.

How to use

The usage of sms forwarder is very simple all you have to do is put the number on the given line and click on lemon and the forwarding will start Download

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