Simple Pie Navigation Bar Apk Download

Simple Pie Navigation Bar Apk Download

Hello friends I am your host Ali and today I will tell you about best Android application name simple pie navigation bar with this application you can generate navigation bar anywhere in your Android phone display anywhere you want to show navigation bar on your display you can do with this application

If you are bored of your old interface of navigation for example back home and recent app button simple pie navigation bar provide you an amazing interface To place the navigation bar anywhere in the display of your phone and this will make your phone look awesome

PIE style Navigation bar
Home button
Back button
Recent button
Button savior

This application is for users who have trouble using buttons.Replace a failed and broken buttons.This app uses ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE.


are used only for the following functions : App Link
– Home
– Back
– Recent
– Double back
– Show power menu
– Show noti panel
– Show quick setting

* The ‘ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE’ of SimplePie will never access your personal information.

* Required
-> Setting
-> Accessibility
-> Simple Control [ON]

* Functions
– Home
– Back
– Recent
– Power menu
– Camera
– Noti panel
– Search
– Quick Setting
– Screen capture
– Volume control

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