Shahmeer Abbas Virl Leaked Video

Pakistani famous prankster Shahmeer Abbas Shah recently record  a controversial video in which he Hug and kissed a girl latter which went virl on internet . Nowdays shahmeer Abbas virl leaked video is trending everywhere on social media.

Shameer Abbas shah leaked video

Shahmeer Abbas shah is a famous Pakistani youtuber having 1.4Million subscribers  and 110 Million views on YouTube.his subscribers are in deep love with his pranks, comedic sketches and fun videos. He got fam very quickly with his content on social media . On Facebook he has also gained more than 700,000 likes on his Facebook page shahmeer Abbas Shah.

Shahmeer Bio:

Shahmeer full name is Shahmheer Abbas Shah.He was born on 1 April 199 (age 20) in Lahore Pakistan . After his intermediate education he start a YouTube channel and got fam very fast.

Beside That

Now with shahmeer Abbas kissing leaked video people has beeen criticised him so much. People are posting so negative thinks and memes on social media about him after his leaked video.

Here is some Twitter activists crazy tweets about shahmeer Abbas virl leaked video

Shameer Abbas virl leaked video

Some more

Shameer abbas kissing video

About Virl Video:-

The shahmeer leaked controversial video which was leaked by someone in which he is asking for vote,kissing and huging a girl.

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Memes About Shahmeer Abbas leaked virl kissing video

A lot of crazy youtubers and social media users have post crazy and funny memes about shahmeer abbas viral video . If you watch this means you will not able to control your laugh?some memes video are below:

Here is the virl leaked video of shahmeer Abbas shah 


On Facebook also people are posting and asking for leaked video link of shahmeer abbas And Some Are Making fun of it.

 Humari kahani full drama


My thoughts about shameer abbas shah video :

I think Shahmeer viral this video himself to get more fam and virl him self to get more views on his channel and make more money because in fast few months he hasn’t did such controversial things as he normally do every year in last he did with Sham And Froggy . With that drama he earn alot so i think this video is also a drama and only for fam . He wants himself on otthers mouth to discuss him.

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