Secret Camera Recorder Apk Latest Version Download

Hello friends welcome back I am your host Ali and today I will tell you about secret camera Recorder APK and how to download latest version of secret camera app

If you want to record video of someone secretly I mean camera recording while the mobile screen is off so today I will tell you a Secret Camera Recorder APK with which you can record HD videos in background and while the screen is off

If you want to get revenge of someone and and if you want to to record video of someone secretly while the other don’t realise about your video recording that you are recording them so this app is specially made for you

How To Download This Apk

It is very simple to download Secret Camera Recorder in your Android phone because this app is specially made for Android and you can easily download it from Play store and also you can download this app in your Android phones by clicking the download button in the end of this article

How To Use Secret Camera Recorder Apk

  1. First of all download Secret Camera Recorder app from playstore the download button given in the last of this article
  2. Then allow the permission of camera by opening The Secret Camera Recorder app in your phone

  1. After that you will see two option 1in is the main menu and the other is is the time duration actually you can choose timeand in that particular time you can record your video secretly and the mobile will automatically record in the particular time you choose in that

  1. After installing the app and along the permission you will see automatically this application and then whenever you want to start video all you have to click on that and the video will start in background

Important note:– 

Please use this application for education purpose only otherwise for any harmful act any news responsible yourself

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