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Ramadan times with Ramadan calendar 2019, prayer times & Ramadan duas

Ramadan calendar 2019 (2019 مساكية رمضان ) app is most useful tool for Muslims around the world to be updated with latest Ramadan calendar 2018 and of all times as well. It will help you in finding accurate sahar and iftar times 2018 during Ramadhan ( Romjan )with other features like prayer times ((صلوۃ and Ramadan duas.

Where It can be used?

Ramadan calendar 2019 app can be used worldwide and the best app for Muslims around the word. They can easily use it for:
– malaysia ramadan 2019
– abu dhabi iftar time
– ramadan time table 2019 oman
– ramzan time table 2019 kuwait
– indian ramadan calendar 2019
– ramadan 2019 singapore
– ramadan calendar 2019 dubai
– qatar ramadan calendar 2019

And the Ramadan times of all around the globe. Try this most useful and accurate app for muslims now.

Features :

Ramadan times 2019:

It is necessary for Muslims to be aware and be updated with latest iftar calendar and they want it too. Therefore Ramadan times 2019 app is the complete package for them to know the accurate fasting times of the holy month of Ramadan.

Prayer times ( namaz times):
It has another best feature of prayer times for Muslims to offer prayers on time using this best salah times app. It will only require access to your location or you can manually input your location according to your convenience for accurate prayer times.

Ramadan duas and others:
Ramadan app will allow you to recite Ramadan duas using your phone and be blessed during whole Ramadan.

Prayer alarm:
Ramadan app allows everyone to set an alarm for every Salah. It will allow you to set adhan as your alarm but it is also possible to set your own.
Remaining time: It is a bonus feature that will provide the remaining iftar time or sahar times and prayer times also.

Why Ramadan calendar 2019 app?

Easy to use: The app is easily accessible for every user because of its specially designed easy user interface to know iftar times 2018 easily.

Sleek design: The design is awesome and gives you a proper look of an Islamic app for Ramadan.

Useful features: The app has useful features for Ramadan (romjan 2019) to provide more convenience to Muslim mobile users.

Daily and monthly view: The app will provide daily and monthly view of ramadan calendar and supports different time calculation methods.

How to use the app
– Launch Ramadan calendar app
– click on Ramadan calendar
– you can see Ramadan calendar now
– click on the button above to select the date
– view latest Ramadan calendar 2019

Ramadan calendar 2019( مسلسلات رمضان ) is free to use so Install so use this app and get the blessings of Almighty more than ever. Be updated with sahar and iftar calendar with prayer times, Ramadan duas and more.

• Recite duas during Ramadan with Ramadhan app and get the blessings of this holy month
• Get updated Sehar and iftar calendar and be blessed
• Get accurate prayer times so never miss your prayers and offer them on time
• Prayer alarm every time with adhan tones
• Ramadan calendar 2018 for every location of every country worldwide

Ramadan calendar 2018 (2019 رمضان ) is most useful in finding accurate Ramadan times and prayer times as well. Download the app now and recommend your friends to use this app also for a blessed Ramadan 2019. Please try the app now and rate us on play store for further improvements and updates.


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