Prediqt App – Blockchain Survey Cash App

We appreciate your time; so you can even earn rewards every 60 seconds just by keeping the app open.

Surveys is a great way to know you so we give you rewards for any information you provide to us. We are unique because we pay you more rewards for more information you provide. We also find you more survey opportunities to earn rewards when we have more information about you like – are you male or female.

Here is some great benefits of our blockchain enabled App:

– Make money by watching short videos
– Earn free cash and cryptos when testing new apps
– Gain money and rewards completing surveys
– Get paid with just $1 on your balance (Cryptocurrency)
– Paypal, Litecoin, Stellar, Bitcoin, Ethereum Payout Blockchain.
– Crypto integrated Survey environment.

★ Send mobile data and credit ★

Have no left mobile data, but the next recharge takes too long? Use DENT to top-up your phone easily! Whether prepaid credit for hours of phone calls or mobile data for endless surfing – DENT safes you! But why only sending data to yourself? Give your friends or family a treat and send data packages to them.

★ Call your family & friends globally ★

DENT Global Voice Calls makes it easy for you to call people around the world – no matter where you are. Simply select a contact from your address book and add minutes to the plan DENT is suggesting. Then call your loved one directly from the app! What’s special about it: They don’t need the DENT app themselves.

★ Trade global packages ★

DENT Marketplace enables trading of global packages for mobile data for all of you:

Store packages: Buy as many top-ups as you want and send or activate them at any time
Sell packages: You don’t need these top-ups anymore? Sell them on the Marketplace!
Browse packages: See top-ups from all over the world – browse, compare & buy

★ Earn free DENTs ★

Get more DENTs for free to buy top-ups and voice minutes:

– Daily Reward: Unlock special rewards by checking in every day
– Offer Wall: Play games, download apps and watch videos to earn free DENTs
– Survey wall: Answer polls and surveys and get rewarded

★ Lock DENTs and get exclusive benefits ★

As a member of our loyalty program Afterburner, you take your DENT app to the next level. Just lock a certain number of DENTs in your vault to get exclusive benefits like free DENT Voice minutes, higher Daily Reward values and higher referral bonuses.

★ Buy extra DENTs with PayPal or cryptos ★

Buy DENTs safely direct in the app to exchange them for data and airtime packages. We support various payment methods, like PayPal and crypto payment (Bitcoin, Ethereum andBinanceCoin). Our app allows you to safely buy DENTs with PayPal to make the topping as quick as possible. In Indonesia we also added KasPro as a new paying method.

If you already own DENTs in your wallet, you can transfer them into the app – safely and fast.


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