NetShare tethring Apk No Root Required Download

with net share APK you can Share your internet or expand your existing WiFi connection as WiFi Reuters

Create WiFi hotspot to share cellular data or to extend your current WiFi connection as WiFi refrigerator. Need a tuning plan or tutorial fee.

Support Android 6 and above

Work on Android 6 and above, which features hot pot / tweeting.

Type the typing / hot pot block

Your typing is completely printed and inaccessible.

WiFi Reiter = WiFi WiFiTitter

Create a portable WiFi hotspot when connected to the WiFi network to share WiFi connection to your device on other devices such as WiFi refrigerator.

Fast WiFi Tethering

Using WiFi tutors, which is faster than Bluetooth, and to make the wifi faster than Wi-Fi tweet faster.

WiFi Extender

Use a weak WiFi signal as a WiFi extension.

How To Use wifi extender

If you want to use to extend your for Wi-Fi to connect your present Wi-Fi to other phones or tablet or laptop or PC you just have to install this application on your Android phone and as well on another phone you want to connect the Wi-Fi just tap on share Wi-Fi and in another phone just type on connect the Wi-Fi you’ll have to give password and connect that particular Wi-Fi you can use current Wi-Fi in all your phones so enjoy



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