Secret Lock-Music Lock Apk Free Download

If you are looking for Secret Android lock for your phone here is the best lock you can lock your phone is secretly and no one will know about this lock because it is a music lock if you want to unlock your phone you your phone will unlock with music that you set up before and Nova will unlock your phone with pattern and pin etc you can we protect your phone from their parents brother and friend that want your phone.

Using the Music Lock:
1. Open the application’s settings.
2. Choose which key the octave will start with.
3. Set up your musical password.
4. Enable the Music lock screen.
5. Follow the simple 1 step instructions.
6. Enjoy the music.

By default for recovery reasons, the lock screen doesn’t lock on boot, but instead lets the default lock screen load, if you wish to change this behaviour, you can change it through the settings dialog.

For support, please contact us by email, our customer service is fast to react, and responds faster over email than comments.

Permissions: we require the camera permission for the flashlight feature. We do not collect any private information.



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