Mask Chat -Hide Whatsapp Chat

Muscat is an Android application which hide all WhatsApp and Facebook chat it is best privacy application to hide your privacy with if you are sitting with your friend in college or university and you want to chat with your girlfriend and you can because of your friend with this application you can hide half of the chat and you can easily reply with your girlfriend.

MaskChat – The Digital Curtain to Hide Chat from Onlookers, Shoulder-Surfer, Intruders, Trespassers.

MaskChat is a FREE unique digital Mask designed for android users to maintain privacy, while having a private conversation on their smartphones. Private Conversation could be chatting on WhatAapp, Tinder, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, SnapChat or any other chat network. One can even use it to hide screen while typing passwords or accessing confidential information like bank info.

App features

What you can hide? :
-Hide WhatsApp chat
-Hide Snapchat
-Hide facebook browsing
-Hide WeChat
-Hide screen while typing passwords or accessing confidential information.

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