Lingokids – English Learning for Kids

Lingokids is an educational English language learning course app for kids ages 2 to 8. The best way for kids to learn a new language is through an educational fun game and their favourite English language activity course that not only keeps their attention but also allows them to learn English more effectively. It’s better than books!

Lingokids has been designed by school experts, tutors and teachers who specialize in preschooler and early language learning for kids. From Abc to a fun quiz, it features teaching and school materials from the Oxford University Press to provide a quality education experience without forgetting the child entertainment.

Lingokids is specially designed for kids and offers a safe learning environment free from distractions and ads (Listed Member of the kidSAFE® Seal Program).

Watch your children play and become bilingual as they have fun and enjoy our interactive lessons! Let’s study and have fun at the same time with the Oxford University Press educational content for children and international students! They will speak as a native speaker or a teacher!

English for kids has never been easier and funnier! Speak English is a basic skill nowadays and will be even more important in the future. If you want your kids to understand what they are listening or to speak English fluently while they enjoy a fun learning and a language immersion environment, just download Lingokids.

Lingokids provides this education experience through entertainment with videos, songs, and memorise vocabulary games in English that adapt to your child’s level of difficulty and the speed at which they learn. In addition, it offers a special section for parents for reading weekly progress reports, profiles of each child and their level, and activities to print out and enjoy at home.

Contents full of educational entertainment for preschool and primary school children:
★ Numbers- Let your little student play with memory flashcards and learn to write and pronounce numbers in English.
★ Letters- Writing and grammar games that teach the sounds, phonics and intonation of letters and how to write them in English. Next step: Reading their favourite books!
★ Shapes- Describe and memorise the shapes that surround us.
★ Animals- Spelling of names and pronunciation. Speak about the jungle or the forest!
★ Food- Vocabulary and speaking related to fruits, vegetables, utensils, and verbs used when cooking.
★ Colors- Learn the writing of these words and pronounce the colors they see.
★ Play with more than than 3,000 English words to learn and memorise! Invite the kids to speak with international friends!
★ Learn to maintain a conversation with a british kids using this educational teaching method.

Many more vocabulary exercises, school videos, grammar, words and interactive learning activity sets in English that your favourite preschooler student is sure to love!

Lingokids is changing the way kids learn English.

Our goal is to make English for kids more approachable with an efortless but effective language immersion system. If you want your kids to learn the most elementary skills of a fluent English speaker (grammar, listening and speaking), our specifically designed app with the Oxford University Press materials is making English for children easier than ever.

A previous education or study of the English language isn’t required for learning with Lingokids, as our educational approach is adaptive and interactive. Children can speak and learn from Abc to master the flashcards and take a quiz just for fun!



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