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hello friends welcome back to another article and today I will tell you about best Android application to save internet data on your mobile if you are worried about your Internet data and you are losing your Internet data without use because all or some of your Android apps that are running in background are using internet Turan internet guard what is the app to stop providing internet to that background running apps

Internet access can help prevent:

* Reduce your data usage
* Save your battery
* Increase your privacy
* Control your mobile apps
* Easily allow / block app connectivity
* Block Background AP Activity
* Be warned to reach new apps on the Internet
* Block Adult Web site


Simple to use
• Android Firewall Protection ** Android with Android is necessary !!
Not calling home
• No tracking or analysis
• Easily developed and supported
• Android 5.1 and later
• IPv4 / IPv6 TCP / UDP supported
• Supported tating
• Support multiple device users
• Optionally allowed on screen
• Optionally blocked during rolling
• Block optional system applications
* Launch device device automatically
* Automatically identifies the applications currently installed on your mobile device
* New installed applications access the web * * Identify and Notify
* Allow set / block, based on per application
* Disable background activity for selected apps
* Exhibit full data usage
Theme designed content with light and dark theme
• Apply all traffic outgoing; Export access and filter; Export PCAP files to analyze traffic
• Block / Allow individual addresses as requested
• New application notifications; Configure InternetGard directly from the notification
• Show status network traffic status status status
• Choose from five additional themes in both light and dark versions

There is no twin flu offer to offer all these features.
Why does the InternetGuard database use chart above?
It’s a confusion. InternetGuard uses your device’s VPN package to make firewood. As every data packet that sends or receives via your apps passes via a VPN, all incoming and external data traffic is attributed to InternetGuard.

However, the good part is that InternetGuard now comes with the feature of its data usage, allowing you to check data usage for each app. To view usage, choose to use data from home screen.


1. This app is based on the VPN interface, which is the only way to implement the fireflow on root devices. It serves as a proxy between common apps and servers. The app does not steal your data or send it even a bit.


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