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Hello friends assalamualaikum I am your host Ali and today I will tell you how to check number of Sims on ID card today I will tell you simple method with which you can get all register sims (numbers) with one click and absolutely free today I will tell you to method which is the simplest method to get all register Sims on id Card.

First Method

How to check number of sims on id card

This method is very simple and official method of PTA all you have to do

Just Type Your CNIC Without Dashes And Space and Send it to 668

In return you will do get all number registered against your CN IC including the mobile company name and has issued Sims against your cnic

2nd Method

This method is also free and very simple all you have to Follow the following instruction

  1. First of all open Pak from link in the end of this article
  2. Click on register button in the right bottom of the site
  3. Register with your name and number and then click on login
  4. After login in in pak you will see three countries India Pakistan and Afghanistan flags click on Pakistani flag if you want to find Pakistani Sims register on your CNIC
  5. After this this you will see some box in that you have to put it your CNIC number and click on search
  6. Now you will get all registered Sims on yours CNIC and also ID card name and address

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You will see The Following Data Of Numbers Registered On CNIC

  1. Registration date and location of that sim on your ID card
  2. You will also see the number is active or not
  3. You can also block any number not concerned to you by reporting to PTA

Note :-please use Pak only for education purposes others I will not responsible for your any harm act

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