Hidden iR Camera Detector Apk Free Download

IR Hidden Camera Detector is very helpful app for those who want privacy. If you are in a room where you feel your privacy can be compromised our app is the best solution for your problem. This Hidden camera detector detects hidden cameras because they emit infrared radiations. This infrared light cannot be seen with naked eye.

Usage IR Camera Detector :
1-Just open IR Hidden camera detector and see through the specialized camera filter to find hidden cameras. Our filter allows you to detect cameras by showing the infrared as bright white light.
2–can be used as IR Remote Detector(Infrared)
You can also check that your IR remote is in working or not press the button of your
IR remote control and see if the light is blinking then your IR remote is working perfectly.

Usage Camera Detector by Radiations :
You just have to move your phone in your surroundings to detect hidden camera and to find any unusual magnetic activity which may be a hidden camera,spy camera, secret camera or a hidden device as this hidden camera detect app is also hidden device detector to detect devices as well as a hidden camera detector to detect camera.

This hidden camera detector uses magnetic field to detect camera and it is the reason of varying readings. This is not our fault this is the limitation of sensor of different phones.
– Our app requires camera permission as it opens camera with our special filter so you can detect hidden camera.
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Features of IR Hidden Camera Detector:
– Easy interface
– Special Camera Filter
-IR Remote Detector(Infrared)
– Instructions on how to use
– Spy camera detector
– IR camera detector
– Light Weight

This hidden camera detector and locator allows you to get the most comfortable stay in a hotel room. It also gives you privacy in public washrooms and changing rooms so that no one can use hidden cameras against you.
Remote Infrared Light can also be detected by this.

When using this app just turn off the lights and look for white light which you cannot see without the app. This can be a camera. After that you can check manually for that place where you saw white light.


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