Funny Phone Prank With Camera Android App Download

Funny joke! Scare your friends and take them a pic with this phone prank!

If you are looking for prank ideas, this app is perfect for you. This app is a funny prank for scaring your friends.

You just have to choose a terrifying picture of the gallery, a sound, a time for display, and also you can choose whether you want the phone to vibrate and if you want to take a picture of your friend in the moment of the joke.

In the latest version of the app we have included new modes to scare your friends or even yourself:
-Interval: Classic mode, choose how soon the fright will be displayed on screen
-Hour: Choose a time of day to launch the scare, if the device is idle or locked, the app will wake it up and will launch the scare anyway!
-Random: The scare will be launched at a random time during the day, you won’t know when it can jump! Do you dare with this mode?

Then you only have to pass the phone to your friends and wait out the scare to see their reaction! If you choose the option to take a picture, remember to click on “Watch your friend scared!” and enjoy 😉

With this phone prank to scare friends you will know how to prank on your Android.

Do you dare to share your scares with us? Upload pics of your friends scared to Twitter or upload a video to Youtube using the hashtag #ButtershyStudiosScare and we’ll publish a compilation of the best scares.

If you have any suggestions or prank ideas for improving our prank to scare friends, do not hesitate to write us. We will release new updates with new improvements so you can prank more and better with our app.

Enjoy our joke and share it with your friends!


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