Edge Action Apk -Edge Screen Sidebar Luncher Download

Edge Action Apk

Edge Action Apk -Edge Screen Sidebar Luncher :– edge Action apk is very usful app with which you can create shortcut apps in your mobile screen in age of your phone scree you can choose your favourite app to be point In the edge of the screen with the help of edge action apk .edge action apk is also a beautiful launcher with which you can choose your favourite apps in shortcut.

Edge Action Apk

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What to expect from Edge Action – Edge Screen?

Edge Action – Edge Screen, the free sidebar app, comes with a clean and neat design and the interface is so user-friendly that doesn’t take a genius to figure out the whole idea. You just need to grant the required permissions, customize the edge panels, and access your favorite apps, toggle system settings, a music player and a lot more by launching different side panels.

Here is the list of available edge screens that you can have access from anywhere

Applications – Add your favorite and most-used application in the sidebar panel and open them by just sliding to open the Add Edge panel.

Contacts – How do you usually call or send a message to your frequent contacts? How about adding them to the Contact Edge panel and access to them from virtually anywhere?

Quick Settings – Your phone is too big to open the notification panel with one hand? Well, try toggling system settings from the sidebar app.

Virtal Keys – The physical buttons of your phone are not working smoothly? Well, the Virtual Keys panel provides you with software buttons that function as Home, Back, Screen recorder, Screen capture, and power buttons.

Calendar – Your meetings, event, and appointments have never been easier to access the Calendar panel.

Calculator – A simple calculator helps you quickly and easy to perform calculations

Edge Action Apk

Edge Music Player – Can you think of the coolest and easiest way to control the playing music? Well, let’s try the edge music player feature.

Edge File Explorer – enables you to easily manage, access your files and folders from the edge panels.


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