Camera MX – Free Photo And Video Camera App

Camera MX makes it easier for every Android user to use the fully-used full-camera app without its smartphone manufacturer. With more than 20,000,000 installed, Camera MX is one of the most reliable free stock camera alternatives for Android. Why Try To Find Today Why!

High Quality
1. All your resolutions and proportion supports your camera
2. Make sure your photos become crystal clear
3. Customize JPEG Quality in Camera Settings
4. Automatic customization and HDR for high-quality images in low-light conditions

Next-level video recording
1. Stop your video recording at any time and apply the video kit in real time
2. Timepp video video recording to create epic high speed motion video
3. Apply filters and effects to realtime and switch them while you’re recording

The essential camera features
1. Front and rear camera support
2. Flash on / off / auto + torrent light to brighten the scene permanently
3. Fast camera zoom with finger finger gestures
4. Disable shutter sound
5. Optional GPS layout to save your current location (dimensions and dimensions) in EXIF ​​metatata

Better camera features
1. Timer for delay shots
2. Grid lines for better photo equipments
3. Change the exposure value to brighten up your photos
4. Flash to display yourself self-sufficient in low-light conditions automatically
5. Focused and exhibited with long touch

Live Photos for Android
Live live photos that can survive after touching – with “live shot”.
Now it does not decide whether to take a high radio image or a video. You got both with “Live shot!”

Shoot the ghost burst mode
Change your camera to a high-speed foot camera and browse the second set of shots before moving the trigger.

Effect and filter camera
1. Hand-selected selection of beautiful camera filters
2. The effect of Keyscreen cam creates excellent images and videos
3. Effect the camera for fun
4. Pencil and sketching drawing effects
5. Color Splash effect that puts light on a single custom color
6. The effect of the Little Planet makes this scene a small planet

Photo and video editor
1. Throw your photos
2. Change the brightness, contrast, saturation and color temperature for your photos and videos
3. Apply any filter and effect modifications after your photos and videos
4. Reduce your video with the terminology
5. High speed and fast video editing
6. The best part of your video lightens the light and the epic slow motion
7. Measure your files and videos to reduce the size of your file

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