Call Log Editor

Call Log Editor lets you change your call logs the way you want, so that you can secure your privacy.

You can edit all call conversation with anyone in your call history you can edit them all you can edit timing category and much more.

Change any call to some other person name from your contacts
Change duration of calls
Change type of call from missed, dialled, received
Create a call in the call log or even schedule it for a time / date

This app is very useful for people who dont want to just delete the call log, but change it to other person names, or even create a call log entry without actually making a call.


with call log editor you can edit entire history of your call and particular number call history you can also convert received call to dial and missed call to receive call you can edit call duration call timing and anything in the call history you can also put any another number from one number to another

How To Use This App Watch This:


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