Best mobile camera for android in 2020 ( camera FV-5)

The main features are:

Not all image parameters are set and always available: charging, ISO, light gauge position, focus position, white balance and brand status.
Wave Finder Designs like Wave DSLR: Time Display, Aperture Display, EV Adjustment, Arc, Stop Display With Real-Time!
Full Range Alignment: 3 to 7 frames, unlimited space spacing, plus EV transmission.
Built-in Intrometer: Create time-consuming episodes (up to episodes in parentheses / HDR) and time-consuming photo series.
● Program and high priority status.
● Long-term support: Capture great night time pictures and tractor wheels for * seconds during long standby times.
Original 16 bit RAW in PNG format for JPEG, DNG *, and incorrect photography, suitable for post processing.
Manual shutter speed: 1/80000 to 2 “, or range available on your device *.
For all camera functions that specify volume keys. You can create EVs, ISOs, temperatures, and more with volume keys. Hardware shutters also support hardware devices.
Support DS for EXIF ​​and XMP meta CD cars.
● Autofocus, macro, touch to tux, dominant focus * and unlimited focus status. Auto Focus Lock Feature (AF-L)
Android Auto 4.0 (AE-L) and Auto White Balance (AWB-L) are off on Android 4.0+.
Background image and RAW settings allow the camera to work smoothly and intuitively.
Digital zoom with multi-touch punch pointer. The focal length is also visible up to 35 mm!
Latest JD Viewer Release: Live Demo Rating, 10 Configuration Cores and 9 Chapter Guides Available for RGB.
Configure robust organizational options: Different storage locations and fully customizable file names (even with variables).
The user interface is available in 30 languages.

Applying this camera avoids completely visual conditions rather than reflective cameras, you can fully control the image parameters, allowing you to control every aspect of the image. Control the publishing process on the computer, and then exit. Therefore, after the DSLR, you will never have the opportunity to take a photo, and you can take it near the DSLR.

Lite version Fv5 is a fully functional version of the camera, which has limited image resolution support. Please purchase the Pro version to unlock all of your device’s solutions and enable Raw Capture (if supported on your device).


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