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Hello friends I am your host alien today we will know about best WhatsApp status app with this best status app you can download or make status for WhatsApp if you want to download any of your friends status you can download any status with one click with this application

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Toolkit For Whatsapp

Toolkit for WhatsApp is awesome application for WhatsApp lovers in toolkit for WhatsApp App you will find all WhatsApp accessory in one app it is specially designed for WhatsApp you will see all WhatsApp tool in this application like

  1. WhatsApp status downloader
  2. Send message without come online
  3. See anyone message or voice without blue tick any one of your friend will don’t know about it
  4. Send WhatsApp message to any number without saving his number in your contact list
  5. Text to emoji
  6. Text Repeater
    Photo/Video status saver
  7. Blank text sender

Upcoming Features

● ☠ Read Deleted Message
● ✍ Read Audio message as text
● ☃ Report chat analysis
● ♨ Latest gif, clip, and meme
● ❤ Multiple WhatsApp account

●Status video splitter: Share long videos to your WhatsApp status
●. Trending statuses
● Full security scans and locks
● Tips and tricks for your WhatsApp

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