Battery Charging Animation Apk Free Download

Hello friends I am your host Ali and today I will tell you about battery charging Animation APK and how to download this app free.

Battery Charging Animation Free Apk

battery charging animation APK is an Android application which is specially made for the beautiness of mobile display while it is in charging mode because when you connect your charger to your mobile and the battery charging is start on the display you will see animation running or showing on the display horizontally to the charging port.

With cool smartphone charging animation, app also have alternatives for battery complete alarm and battery low alarm and a charging indicator widget.

➺ you could create more than one battery alarms for battery stages you want.
➺ Battery charging animations suggests you which you are linked to strength and your phone is charging with listing of cool charging animation selections.


1)Cool battery charging animations.
2)full manipulate over charging animation length, position and transparency degree
3)Battery percent textual content with charging animations
4)Charging indicator widget
5)maintain battery health in excellent circumstance.
6)save mobile phone battery from being overcharged and being dead.
8)charge Alarm notify you with alarm and vibration when your mobile telephone battery fully charged or goes past or under the extent you specific.


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