Auto Clicker Apk – Automatic Tap

The best tool about auto clerk. Help you make automatic tubes automatically.

Auto-clerk helps you to make frequent tubes with a specific interval.
Auto-clerk root is not required.
Automatically tap a floating control panel to start / stop.
It’s great to click on the game.

First of all read!
If you are a root user, only allow the root top root to be done properly.
With no root support, you must have a computer to follow the guide to your phone.
Otherwise it will not work !!!

You know? I would not say that this is not the root support though it is. Because most people do not read this. And most people do not try with guidance. So if you enable it with the ADB or root, if you like, please share it with a friend and guide the theme.
And thank you for ★★★★★.

We will connect your device.

No root:
Step 1. Get a computer or Mac.

Step 2: Get access to developer on your phone
The password you use to run files, you need to be the developer first. it’s very easy. \ nGet your Android phone and go to Settings. Scroll down and “About the phone.” Tap and rebuild it to create numbers. \ nSend a message to 5 “6” on this “Building Number” until a message is found, “You are now a developer”.

Step 3: Enable debugging on your phone
Return to settings. Scroll down for developer options Left-click the “Android / USB debugging” button.

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Mention it:
Easy to use – Friendly user interface
Support multiple click points, multiple swipes
There is a global timer to run for a specific time
Import Import / Exchange Scripts can be exported

– Only support Android 7.0 and up.
Need access to work.


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