Anti-theft Security And Alaram System

If you are charging your phone in public area and you are a friend to losing your expensive phone so beautiful charging your phone in public places charge you must install this app in your mobile.Anti-theft security and alarm is best application to save your phone from thieves and make you are expensive phone safe. In anti theft security you can set alarm whenever you charge your phone in public if someone remove your phone from charging it well alarming and you will find that your phone is unplug with charge so you can easily security your phone. Anti theft security has many features.

Anti-theft Security

* Use secured commands with secret code
* Make the phone ring at maximum volume
* Get GPS position of the smartphone
* Display a personal message on the screen
* Take a picture using front camera
* Turn the light on
* Retrieve battery level
* Retrieve a detailed report
* Get the contact list
* Lock the smartphone remotely
* Factory reset
* Retrieve call log
* Get the list of all commands available
* Hide/Unhide the app icon
* Triggers a loud alarm and takes selfies
* Capture a video
* Block status bar when device is locked

Charger mode :
* Triggers a loud alarm if somebody disconnects your charger without your consent
* Disables key volumes
* Takes selfies 3 sec after the alarm starts and upon any key press
* Protects the alarm with a secret code

Note: Anti theft Security does not claim it can avoid theft completely but with this app you have way more chances to get back your phone or avoid theft.


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